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ABS - "Condition Monitoring - External Specialist" - Internal Audit Last Performed: November, 2005.

During an internal office audit, a review of IMPACT's Quality Assurance Systems as well as a practical demonstration of these systems was performed in order to attain the certification by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) [] as an approved "Condition Monitoring Specialist" service company. This approval was an update to the original certification process (established 1985) in order to adopt the format of ISO-9000. This approval remains valid for a period of three (3) years. The audit followed ISO-9000 format that is the foundation for our Quality System.

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Process Instruction "Check-off" Sheets that follow ISO-9000 / 2000 - Process Model Approach
(See Model Drawing & Link to ISO)

All of the IMPACT field and office service tasks have been documented and are monitored by "Process Instructions" that ensure the highest level performance. These documents are the structure that form our "Quality Management System" ISO 9001:2000.

IMPACT uses the "process approach" for management of its organization and its processes, and as a means of identifying and managing opportunities for improvement. The following figure illustrates the process model defined in the International Standard.

IMPACT is working toward formal certification under ISO 9000:2000 but is currently waiting for the new 2000 clauses to be formally adopted .

Level I, II, III - Condition & Proactive Maintenance Specialists

Training and field certification at IMPACT starts out with an Apprenticeship Program that is usually completed within three (3) to six (6) months. During this period the Condition Specialist is trained both in the office on various policies and procedures as well in the field with hands-on training in-plant with other IMPACT engineers. Once this apprenticeship has been completed, position reviews are based on the ability to meet and perform the necessary technical requirements.

Level I: Jr. Project Engineer & Project Engineer
  • Detailed computer knowledge of Win98 and NT.
  • Understanding of the Basics of Vibration including but not limited to: units, frequency, amplitude, FFT, waveform and HFD.
  • Understanding of Ultrasound Technology including but not limited to: meter use, bearing and coupling fault detection, leak detection, etc.
  • Detailed understanding of CSI - MasterTrend software: Dbase setup, etc.
  • Good understanding of data collection and analysis techniques.
  • Working knowledge of IMPACT's report writing procedures including but not limited to: preliminary check-off sheets, condensed format, ABS Preventative Maintenance report, Proactive Maintenance report, and utilizing Report Master document when required.
  • Working knowledge of IMPACT's Policies & Procedures including but not limited to: timesheets, invoicing issues, travel requirements, etc.
  • Become US (East, West, Gulf coast) approved to perform survey work.
  • Detailed understanding of ABS Survey process including but not limited to: guidelines, status reports, semi-annual survey requirements, quarterly requirements, certified external specialist requirements, confirmation letters/surveys, Survey record books, etc.
  • Initial understanding of Structural Testing utilizing simple IMPACT "rapid" hit single channel method.
  • Understanding of resale support products and begin to market them to current and future clients.

Level II: Project Engineer & Sr. Project Engineer
In addition to Level I requirements, have good understanding and be capable of performing Proactive Maintenance including but not limited to:
  • Alignments - horizontal/vertical (laser and dial indicator) using shimming/moving and doweling.
  • Balancing - in place initially on small machinery (vertical motors and pumps) and finally on larger machinery such as: Forced Draft Fans, TurboGenerators, etc.
  • Structural Testing - including but not limited to understanding phase, motion and classic modifications to date.
  • Internationally approval to perform survey work.
  • Ability to market and sell IMPACT services and products to current clients.
  • Ability to train both Level I and Level II engineers on all necessary requirements.
  • Ability to implement TRM Program including but not limited to: initial MT database setup, MPT installation, baseline survey, proactive maintenance capabilities, etc.
  • Detailed CSI MasterTrend software/hardware experience including but not limited to: ability to install CSI products on the computer, configure for operation, and troubleshoot database structural and compatibility issues.

Level III: Sr. Project Engineer
In addition to Level I & II requirements have:
  • Detailed and specialized diagnostic capabilities for "abnormal" testing including but not limited to being able to handle management of testing procedures with client management.
  • Understanding of Systems Engineering design and corollary factors that will often contribute to machinery diagnostics
  • Understanding of both structural testing and dual channel testing with respect to phase, finite element analysis (FEA), and structural motion plotting.
  • Experience with "dual channel" vibration analyzer including but not limited to:
    • Impact testing (triggered event) with mode plotting (TF IMG vs. Phase)
    • Relative motion (2 accelerometers) and corresponding plotting of TF (real) vs. Phase at frequencies of interest.
  • Understanding of motion of specific machines and their typical shapes.
  • Ability to train Level I, II, and III engineers.
  • Ability to market and sell IMPACT services and products to future clients and support sales.
  • Ability to work in sensitive and unique installations that may require substantial on the job learning in order to solve unique and often difficult problems.

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