Specialized Diagnostic Testing
IMPACT relies on its fifteen (15) years of profession Condition Monitoring experience as well as Corrective Maintenance experience and ongoing machinery installation and support services.

This experience is used to evaluate and analyze the Root Cause of machinery vibration or other condition problems. Since most problems are related to System Engineering issues, our senior staff is capable of working through the often challenging and extremely difficult machinery diagnostic problems.

A sample Diagnostic Evaluation is documented as follows for a premature Motor Bearing Failure:


Sample Table of Contents Page Number
Statement of Problem "Reported" 1
Testing Performed / Timeline 1
Test Equipment 2
Nameplate / Relative Data 3
Vibration Data Review 3 - 6
Ultrasound Data Review 6
Observations / Field Notes 7 - 8
SHOP - "Statement of work Performed" 8
SHOP - "Inspection Results" 9
Discussion 9
Recommendations 9
Photo Documentation 10-12

Call for detailed analysis capabilities and sample reports and references.

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