Total Reliability Management (TRM) -
The Bottom Line
Estimated annual cost saving for an A.B.S. certified steam plant taking part in a Total Reliability Management program:
Part I Condition Monitoring - Deferred Maintenance      
Total Number of Machines in Program 75
Deferred Maintenance (15% per year) 11
Assume 20% Mandatory Inspection Required without Condition Monitoring
Average Cost to Disassemble/Inspect/Re-Assemble $ 4,000
Annual Savings $ 44,000
Part II Failure Prevention - Catastrophic        
Standard Failures per Year (without TRM Program) 5
Average Cost per Failure $ 8,000
Failures Prevented with TRM Program 4
Annual Savings $ 32,000
Assumes Preventive Maintenance Program already in place
Part III Schedule Reliability - Uptime        
Daily Operational costs (enter real costs) $ 50,000
Additional days gained per year by successful 1
TRM implementation (Annual basis)
Annual Savings $ 50,000
Part IV Estimated Total Annual Savings Total Annual Savings     $ 126,000
Typical Costs Associated with Inspections/Rebuild:
Mn. Coffin Feed Pump: new bearings, rings - same rotor $ 20,000
Mn. Circulator: new impeller, rings, bearings. $ 12,000
Mn. Condensate Pump: new impeller, rings, bearings $ 7,500
F.O. Service Pump: New Bearings Only $ 3,500
Turbogenerator: Inspect, Lift Cover, no major work $ 12,000
Mn. Turbine (HP or LP): Inspect, lift cover, no major work $ 40,000
Typical S.W. Cooling Service Pump: Open, inspect, new impeller, rings, bearings $ 10,000
Note: New construction surveys have proven to be extremely valuable due to detection of problems that
can be identified and corrected prior to resulting wear / damage. This work can and should be billed to the
initial guarantee budgets and ultimately cost the customer no maintenance dollars and actually create an
immediate return from this Predictive Maintenance effort.

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