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STRONG - Technical Services

Vibration Analysis
  • Transducers for acceleration, velocity, displacement, and torsional
  • Spectrum and Waveform Analysis with portable and multi-channel analyzers
Machine Condition Measurements
  • Measurements of service speed, vibrations, ultrasound, audible sound, temperature, dynamic pressure, position, AC motor current, and magnetic flux
  • Surveys and Testing with portable machinery analyzer and PC database software
  • Multi-channel System for temporary monitoring and special testing
  • Permanent On-line Systems for warning, shutdown, and diagnostics
Predictive Maintenance
  • Machinery Diagnostics
  • Condition Monitoring Program setup, upgrades, surveys, and audits
  • Fault Detection in mechanical, electrical, fluid, air, gas, and steam systems
Leak Detection
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection for air, gas, and vacuum systems
  • Tightness Integrity Testing with ultrasound source and detector
Corrective Maintenance
  • Shaft Alignment with laser-optical system
  • Dynamic Balancing of rotors in-place
  • Structural Vibrations testing and correction
  • Sound Surveys for OSHA hearing protection, annoyance, and environment
  • Design and Specifications to reduce vibrations and noise
  • On-Site Custom Programs
  • Special Procedures and Documentation

Over 32 years of Strong practical engineering experience enhanced
by high Technology tools

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