Mobilith SHC 460
The One Grease for All Shipboard Applications

Product Description
Mobilith SHC 460, a unique, high-performance grease for all shipboard applications, is a product of ExxonMobil's long synthetic hydrocarbon fluid experience with a lithium complex soap thickener. Mobilith SHC 460 has superior water resistance and outstanding low temperature mobility and pumpability. In addition the synthetic base fluid and advanced thickener system give Mobilith SHC 460 outstanding structural stability; ability to perform at higher temperatures than mineral oil greases; and wear prevention capability over a wider speed range.

Extending bearing life Increased resistance to water wash and spray-off Superior protection from rust and corrosion Freer part movement at low temperatures
Excellent low temperature pumpability Outstanding resistance to high temperature deposit Extended regreasing intervals Usability operating range from -50o to +230 oC
Reduce grease inventory Energy savings One grease for all shipboard applications

Mobilith SHC 460 is recommended for extended performance in all shipboard grease applications. The high viscosity fluid in Mobilith SHC 460 affords much greater wear protection on heavily loaded, slow moving parts. Also, its ExxonMobil manufactured synthetic base oil in combination with lithium complex soap results in an NDm rating of 455,000 which permits Mobilith SHC 460 to properly lubricate even the highest speed, largest diameter bearing applications aboard today's vessels.

Typical Characteristics
Physical and chemical characteristics of Mobilith SHC 460 are shown in the table below. Values shown are typical and may vary slightly.

Mobilith SHC 460
Color Red
NLGI Grade 1 1/2
Worked Penetration, ASTM D217
X 60 Strokes 305
X 10,000 Strokes 322
X 100,000 Strokes 334
Dropping Point, ASTM D 2265 (oC) 260+
ISO VG, Base Fluid 460
Timken OK Load, ASTM D 2059 (lb. min) 50
ASTM D 1743 Rust Test Pass
Emcor, (SKF Water Wash Test) 0.0
Water Wash Out, 79 C (% wt. max) 3
U.S. Steel Mobility @ -18 oC (g/min) 7 (1)*
Evaporation Test, ASTM D 972, 7 Days at 148C (% wt. Loss) 1.75 (2)*
*Typical value for mineral oil (1) (2) grease-same fluid viscosity: 0 40

Health & Safety
Based upon available toxicology information, when properly handled and used, this product has little or no adverse health effect. No special precautions are suggested beyond attention to good personal hygiene, including avoiding prolonged repeated skin contact.

A detained Material Safety Data Sheet discussing Mobilith SHC 460 is available upon request through your sales contract office or via the Web at:

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