Corrective Maintenance Support
Corrective Services
IMPACT Engineering utilizes a proactive, machine specific, approach to Corrective Maintenance support. Diagnostic results from a comprehensive Predictive Maintenance (PDM) program are used to systematically find and eliminate the underlying causes of machine problems. This process is defined as Proactive Maintenance (PAM).

Proactive Maintenance (PAM)
IMPACT Engineering supports Proactive Maintenance by providing support personnel to advise or supplement plant technicians in many Corrective Maintenance services. Performing maintenance work only when it is necessary, and well in advance of any costly catastrophic failures, highlights a well implemented proactive plan.

Laser/Optical Alignment

IMPACT Laser Alignment Services
IMPACT Laser Alignment is a fast and accurate optical aligning procedure that IMPACT Engineering performs on horizontal and vertical machinery with flexible couplings. Proper machine alignment prevents the excessive shaft vibration that leads to accelerated coupling wear, shaft/bearing damage, and seal leaks or failure.

Dynamic Balancing
Impact Engineering offers in-place dynamic balancing of rotating machinery. A balanced machine runs smooth and is less prone to damage caused by excessive long-term vibration. Rotor balancing is a relatively simple procedure, but often an overlooked method of insuring long reliable machinery life.

Structural/Impact Testing

Structural/Impact Testing
IMPACT Engineering conducts structural/impact testing to detect resonant conditions which may exist and cause excessive vibration leading to machinery damage. Tests performed by IMPACT Engineering utilize 2-Channel analysis, including phase and transfer function, to allow plotting of mode shapes. Each test includes a modification report recommending corrective actions to solve identified structural problems.

Structural Modifications

Structural Modifications
Machinery that experience excessive vibration or motion, which has led to foundation cracks or weakened supports, may need structural modifications. Impact Engineering recommends structural modifications as necessary to restore the machine to acceptable operating parameters.

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