Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for machinery TOTAL RELIABILITY

IMPACT Engineering, Inc uses state of the art instrumentation, computer technologies, and years of experience to detect machinery problems by periodically evaluating the machine's condition during normal operation to Predict its future reliability.

Condition analysis techniques used by IMPACT, when combined with traditional repair approaches, increase equipment reliability and significantly reduce maintenance costs by targeting required maintenance actions and eliminating unnecessary ones.

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"Now we have the information to accurately predict future machinery problems and solve them Proactively"

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Since 1988 - IMPACT Engineering, Inc. has developed and aided clients to implement Machinery Total Reliability Management which:
  • Provides early identification of developing machinery defects,
  • Minimizes initial installation/start-up problems,
  • Greatly reduces machinery-related downtime, and
  • Increases profits due to directing required corrective actions and reducing unnecessary maintenance costs

"Integrated Vibration & Ultrasonic Analysis used to enhance bearing and coupling fault detection"

The future,
"Zero downtime is the Goal"...
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