IMPACT Engineering
The increasing costs associated with machinery repair and downtime has created a demand for higher-level detection and maintenance techniques, as well as professional training and improved monitoring products.

IMPACT Engineering offers a variety of services and products that increase equipment reliability and safety while significantly reducing maintenance costs by:
  • Targeting required maintenance actions
  • Eliminating unnecessary repairs
  • Professionally training and educating technicians
  • Supplying monitoring products with full support
  • Offering engineered corrective services
Asset Management Strategy
IMPACT Engineering efficiently balances the selected practices of Reactive Maintenance (RM), Preventive Maintenance (PM), Predictive Maintenance (PDM), and Proactive Maintenance (PAM) into an asset management strategy called Total Reliability Management (TRM).

The TRM process has been designed by IMPACT Engineering to highlight developing machinery defects, minimize initial installation related problems, eliminate machinery related downtime, obtain waivers toward previously required open-and-inspect maintenance (when justified) and significantly reduce overall maintenance costs.

Total Reliability Management coupled with well trained, experienced engineers gives IMPACT Engineering an edge in the field of Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. IMPACT Engineering uses the latest proven diagnostic technologies to determine the condition of a machine without internal inspections or disruption of normal machine operation. The TRM program greatly reduces the need for costly and unnecessary maintenance.

IMPACT Engineering Headquarters
Browns Point, Washington

IMPACT Engineering was founded in 1988 with the specific purpose of implementing and supporting Predictive Maintenance programs by using the latest diagnostic and proven condition monitoring technology.

In late 1995, the IMPACT Engineering team enhanced their services by offering the Total Reliability Management (TRM) package of services to clients.

IMPACT Engineering was recognized by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) in April 1995 as a “Certified External Specialist” authorized to collect, analyze, and submit condition monitoring data per classification requirements. This was an elevated status given to Predictive Maintenance (PDM) companies since incorporating PDM into the ABS Guidelines in 1985. This certification follows the ISO 9001:2000 process model that incorporates internal and external audits.
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