IMPACT/Guardian “On-Line” Monitoring System

for Local … Plant Wide … Global …
Machinery Condition Monitoring Applications

Imagine a flexible network system that can be used to gather vital information on your machinery. One which can be incorporated into your existing Ethernet networks in the plant and which can be accessed locally or remotely. Imagine this can be set up by anyone who knows how to set up an Ethernet system and imagine it is so affordable that it can fit into your budget with ease.

You are now thinking of ICONET with IMPACT / GUARDIAN “On-Line” Machinery Monitoring on Ethernet.

But don’t let your imagination stop there. Think what you could do if you could access data directly from your machine’s measurement points anywhere in the world via the Internet. Now you can realise how ICONET on Ethernet captures the power of the global communications revolution and enables you to call up real time measurement data on-line, absolutely anywhere.

You are now thinking: LOCAL ... PLANT-WIDE ... GLOBAL ...

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