IMPACT/Guardian “On-Line” Monitoring System

ITA-1 16-Channel Ethernet Data Acquisition Node

  • 16 Multiplexed Analog Inputs
  • Accel ICP Interface per Channel
  • Bearing Condition Measurement
  • Bias Voltage Check
  • Programmable Gain and Filters
  • Flexible Trigger/Tacho Functions
  • 10BaseT Ethernet Interface

The ITA-1 is a 16-channel ethernet acquisition node designed for vibration related measurement applications. The Node features 16 individual ICP accelerometer supplies, as well as AC/DC coupling options. Four programmable HP filters and hardware integrator are incorporated, as well as full antialiasing filters. Bearing condition can be measured using the onboard demodulator function.

Accelerometer integrity can also be verified on demand using the bias voltage check feature. Flexible trigger and tachometer functions are available, enabling pre and post trigger and order analysis to be performed. Gated acquisition is available ensuring that readings are taken only when a machine is running.

The node communicates via a standard 10BaseT ethernet interface and supports UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols. It comes in an IP66/NEMA4X enclosure with an integrated power supply.

Download the ITA-1 Spec Sheet

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