Customer Support, Training, and Education
Customer Support
IMPACT Engineering prides itself on having the most thorough customer support system available. The IMPACT Engineering team instructs and answers questions during field surveys and also provides continued telephone and online support.

Training and Tutorials
Instructional material and tutorials are provided online at as well as on CD to be accessed at any time. In-person training takes place onsite or during one of several educational seminars that IMPACT Engineering sponsors each year.

IMPACT Engineers
When project engineers from IMPACT Engineering perform field surveys, they do so with the best training available for each specific job. IMPACT Engineering employs level I, level II, and level III engineers specializing in Condition Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance services. IMPACT Engineering utilizes a traditional apprenticeship program as well as a unique continuing education model for team members that advances them to the next level of expertise while allowing for specialized training in individual areas of proficiency.

Educational Seminars
IMPACT Engineering sponsors several training seminars each year. The topics covered relate directly to everyday industrial plant and shipboard maintenance issues as well as ongoing maintenance program techniques. Each course is designed to give the highest degree of training possible with direct hands-on simulators and actual equipment. Detailed diagnostic analysis is covered as well as Proactive (Corrective) Maintenance.

Seminar Course Topics
  • Reliability Maintenance Methods
  • Predictive/Condition Technologies
  • Fundamentals of Ultrasonic Detection
  • Use of the SDT™ Ultrasonic Detectors
  • Fundamentals of Vibration Analysis
  • Use of the CSI™ Machinery Analyzers
  • Use of CSI™ Mastertrend Software
  • Machinery Shaft Alignment Principals and Lab
  • Essentials of Dynamic Balancing
  • TRM Program Documentation

    IMPACT Engineering effectively balances class instruction with hands-on training. Experienced, expert instructors relate each course to the type of machines and equipment used at participants’ sites.

    Seminar Feedback:
    “The course was very enlightening. It was presented in an excellent manner and the content was thoroughly covered.”
        –PM and Logistics Manager

    “Very informative, introduced to the latest equipment and techniques available to predict problems and repairs.”
        –Chief Engineer

    “My original intent of learning vibration analysis was vastly exceeded—thanks for the extras!”
        –Maintenance Engineer

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